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Give Your Skin the Gift of Glow with Hydrafacial MD

You wake up and your skin is puffy and tired no matter the season. Seeing your reflection before coffee can be a real shocker. Avoiding mirrors takes effort that you don’t always have, so you gulp down your water and espresso and lather on moisturizer, sunscreen, and the usual makeup. Then you step outside into the light of day, and horrified, see your face caked with products, creams, and powders. Ever wonder if there is anything between fresh-faced mornings and layered pancake face afternoons. Your routine has left you with no confidence to go barefaced or fully made up. There is no glow in your skin. Hydrafacial can help with this.

Why do we lose skin glow and when did it happen?

Over time, the natural environment and the world we live in takes its toll on our skin. The excessive air conditioning used in the summer, daily sunscreen, makeup, environmental pollutants, dry winter air and allergens. The list goes on! 

There is so much in our daily lives that we don’t even consider when caring for our skin: hot water, cold water, exfoliation or lack of, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, personalized needs for color, tone, age, and much more.  

Is there a way out?

One way to take the guesswork and stress out of your skincare regime is to gift yourself with regular facials. Think of it as self-care, especially for your skin. Because when your skin feels better, you feel better. 

Top four reasons why you should treat yourself to regular Hydrafacials

Out with the toxins.

Yes, your skin has toxins. Over time these are built up just from living your day-to-day life. In other words, toxins dull your skin and steal your healthy glow. Don’t go down without a fight. Regular facials can bring back that healthy glow, as well as even out the skin tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Let your best skin shine through!

Up with the fullness.

Healthy and young skin is full and firm and it is the natural production of collagen that creates this.  When your skin’s collagen production is low, lines, wrinkles, and sagging can occur. Hydrafacials work by boosting collagen growth, giving you that fresh and youthful look, regardless of age. 

In with the glow.

Imagine glossy, shimmering skin with or without makeup. Total “I woke up like this” vibes. These are the kind of results that regular Hydrafacials can give you. Moreover, your battle with dark under-eye circles and uneven skin tone is over. As a result, you can ditch the layers of makeup; simply put on the lip gloss and you’re ready to go!

Hydrafacial Cream skin for glow

Down with the fine lines and wrinkles.

Smooth out those worry lines; a Hydrafacial can’t get rid of life’s troubles, but it can certainly make it look like it did! Give your skin a little vacation by smoothing out the fine lines and wrinkles and melting away the appearance of stress, anxiety, and worry. Life is hard enough without having the weight of the world reflected on your face. So, book your Hydrafacial today: your skin will most definitely thank you.To sum up, gifting yourself with fresh, rejuvenated, and glowing skin is easy with regular Hydrafacials and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Think of all of the things we spend money on that damage our skin and natural glow. It’s time to focus on self-care and give your skin the treatment that it truly deserves!

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