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PRP and Exosome Hair restoration

PRP and Exosome Hair restoration

Our hair is important. Research data shows a clear link between hair and self-esteem for the majority of people. Hair reflects our personality. A key part of the image we want to project. Hair can be a vital indicator of strength, health, vitality, and sensuality.

If you have indicators of hair loss or have already lost a large amount of it, don't wait any longer, we have the perfect solution for you.

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PRP Hair Restoration

Exosome Nano Particle Therapy

PRP stands for Platelet rich plasma. PRP is derived from your blood. We collect your blood, separate the PRP using a centrifuge and reinject the PRP back into your scalp.

Your PRP carries between 5 to 7 human growth factors. These PRP growth factors help to reduce or stop hair loss and regrow hair by rejuvenating your hair follicles.

PRP has been around for over 10 years and its tried and proven technique for hair restoration in both males and females.

Exosome therapy works exactly the same as PRP hair restoration. Except there is no need to collect your blood and its much more powerful than PRP as each Exosome nano particle carries 150 different human growth factors. Therefore on average its 30 times more powerful that your PRP

Exosome are naturally occuring in the body the same as PRP. Unlike PRP which is in your bloodt Exosomes are usually found in deep lying adipose fat tissue or in amniotic fluid (the water that surrounds the fetus during pregancy).

Exosome are called extra cellular vesicles. They do not carry any DNA instead Exosomes are made of RNA and Proteins. Exsosmes have regrnarative capabilites. Exosomes are messenger particles sent to repair diseased or dying cells.

Exosomes have been around for about 4-5 years. Exosomes are used in many fields for regenrative medicine as well as aesthetic medicine.

Like any cosmetic medical treatment, it’s not an exact science and one size doesn’t fit all. Our bodies are complex machines. Every body reacts differently. There will always be a difference between people in the level of success of any hair loss treatment. However, patient data gathered over many years strongly points to successful outcomes for most people presenting with hair loss symptoms.

This will vary depending on every individual, you should have seen some new hair growth in 90 days. You should continue to see regrowth for up to 6 months after your treatment ends.

Usually people need 3-6 treatments, one every 15-30 days. Generally with Exosomes you need less treatments than PRP depending on how your body reacts.

No, we use a strong topical anesthetic to make it very comfortable.

Yes. You may. It totally depends on your physiology and the underlying factors that cause you hairloss. We generally recommend one or two maintenance treatments per year. However it’s not absolutely necessary.