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Diamond dermabrasion is a procedure to get smoother and youthful looking skin. An aesthetician will use a tool to scrape away the top layers of the skin to unveil smoother skin and look radiant. Is a low risk procedure, works well in most skin types though is better on fair skin types. People that suffer from skin irregularities such as sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and melasma see great improvement. Galleria Aesthetics is one of the best medical spa in houston.

Microdermabrasion Before and after


How many treatments you will need depends on your own end goal. Just one treatment will leave your skin with that skin a buttery soft  finish, your makeup will sit beautifully. If you are looking for improvement of a skin concern, you need a series of treatments to see positive effects as the results are cumulative. You can have a dermabrasion series from 6 to 10  every two weeks apart. Ask for a consultation with our aesthetician to determine what is best for your skin.

Because it works on the superficial of the skin you can expect some minor redness or swelling, restrain from using other exfoliants or any other products that can irritate the skin for a week, and keep using your daily sunscreen skin can be more susceptible to . Makeup and moisturizers can be used the same day.

As this treatment is safe and mostly for everyone, there are some contradictions. It is important to consult before your first appointment. You will have to stop the use of any retinoids 7 days before, and 6 months for accutane use.Even though it's very good for  minor acne breakouts, it is not the treatment of choice, If there is  inflammation acne ,we will need to control it first.  If you have rosacea your skin is sensitive already, dermabrasion can make it worse. If you are prone to cold sores let your aesthetician know as it can be spread and wait till your flare is healed. Dermabrasion can’t be done if rash or broken skin; psoriasis or eczema or ringworm.