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    Body Sculpting

    truBody ® 3D
    truBody™ es un tratamiento personalizable para reducir la grasa y desarrollar músculo. Esta solución de círculo completo combina la potencia de dos dispositivos complementarios, truSculpt iD y truSculpt flex, para maximizar los resultados y ayudarte a lograr tus objetivos corporales más rápido.

    Este tratamiento es rápido, cómodo y personalizable. Comienza tu viaje con un tratamiento de 1 hora para reducir la grasa y poner en marcha tu definición muscular. Simplemente sigue con 3 tratamientos de esculpido muscular para desarrollar músculo y personalizar su forma ideal.
    • Eliminate stubborn fat
    • Improve definition
    • No downtime
    • Amazing results
    Fat Dissolving Injections (Kybella ™)
    Kybella ™ is one of the brand names for fat dissolving injections. These injections are used pretty much anywhere in the body, to eliminate stubborn fat.

    You will be able to determine what Kybella ™ can do for you, by booking a free consultation today.
    • Eliminate stubborn fat without surgery
    • Little downtime
    • Amazing results
    B12 injections
    B12 injections are becoming increasingly more popular due to the multiple benefits it can offer.
    • Stimulate your immune system
    • Increase your metabolism and it helps with weight loss
    • Improve your sleeping pattern
    • Increases energy levels
    • Improve concentration
    • It can help stop hair loss secondary to B12 deficiency