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Your Best Skin, No Matter Your Age

We’ve all been there thinking about our age. That moment we stare at our reflection in the mirror and all we see is wrinkles and fine lines where before there was only smooth supple wrinkle free skin. When did it happen, how, and why? You experience so many emotions. It can be disheartening to see yourself aged in that mirror. 

Our skin is a super resilient organ able to withstand most things we expose it to over the years. However, it will suffer from wear and tear. Our life’s experiences become etched on our skin. Our skin tells our story: laugh lines, days spent under the sun, scars, all those fun nights (and days) spent drinking or smoking, the years of worry and stress. They’re all there in our reflection.

While it may be too late for most drug store products that promise to erase the years of damage. Thankfully unlike our grandmothers we don’t have to rely on just these and good genes. Today no matter our age, there are non-invasive treatments to help us get back our younger looking selves. For example, skin rejuvenation injections are more likely to give us the results we are looking for with little wait time. In just a matter of weeks we can look years younger.

There may be some hesitancy in taking the plunge. Especially for men as it can feel kind of unmasculine. Luckily today skin rejuvenation injections don’t have the same stigma that’s because we take a far more subtle natural approach in using them. No more deer in the headlights look. No more fish lips. Just a more natural youthful look.

botox before and after

Your age doesn’t have to define you

So, let me share with you three significant benefits of having skin rejuvenation injections

  • It’s safe. I can’t emphasize this enough. Worry gives you fine lines on your face, so let me assure you that trained professionals provide FDA approved skin rejuvenation injections in a sterilized environment. There is minimal risk with the injections and no recovery time, so put that worry away. 
  • It’s convenient & affordable. Even though trained professionals administer treatments like Botox, skin rejuvenation injections are relatively inexpensive compared to some pricey creams that make big promises with mixed results. Did we mention that skin rejuvenation injections have longevity? Injections of fillers to smooth fine lines and wrinkles can last six months to nine months for most, while for some they can last up to a year. That’s a huge saving in time and money buying all those creams and lotions for only an hour of your time with a skin care professional. 
  • Injections can have other benefits aside from smoothing skin. Migraines, excessive sweating, muscle spasm, acne, and hand tremors can be remedied with injections in the right place. Injections can offer real relief from issues that impact the quality of life. 

While skin rejuvenation injections will help you regain your confidence and give you that feel good factor. It’s still essential to love your skin and keep taking care of it as it ages. We love to be part of that journey with you. We know we can help you to rediscover the younger you. So, let’s see together if skin rejuvenation injections are right for you.

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